Credit Workflow®

Credit Workflow is one of our flagship proposition. By leveraging deep insights and our unique expertise, we dissect the current setup of your organization’s credit functions and deliver best in class processes leveraging modern techniques, tools and technology to give your company an edge. We also advise and implement the most cost effective, customer friendly and flexible digital credit platform (end-to-end) for any category of financial and non-financial institutions.

Dial an Xpert®

Dial an Xpert is an app and solutions that connect business experts & mentors with startups and established business owners to facilitate engagement and improve performance across key indices such as revenue, sales, marketing, cash, credit, debt, investments, etc

Credit Program Design & Management

Our Credit Program Design & Management practice develops framework and implement various programs at local, national & international levels. This includes Startup credit financing, youth enterpreneurship, women credit program, intervention credit program management at state, country and international level.
We pride ourselves as the leading firm with diverse experience and success in the implementation of Credit Program across different geographies and demography.

Operationalization of Small & Mid-sized financial firms:

We know the importance of smooth operations within an organization and the negative impact a wrong setup can bring, which is why we strive to lead the pace in getting all the requisite arms of any financial institution within our target market to optimal performance. Let’s help you work and grow.

Access to Finance Program

We build Access to Finance program to our client’s specification. Our firm identify the gaps, propose solutions and go the extra mile to deliver same to the benefit of your organization, municipal, state or country. Let us help you unlock the latent capital within your reach and activate economic activities for better returns.

Debt Management & Credit Repair Solutions

Individuals and companies have come under stress due to impact of wrong credit decision owing to experience, poor financial education, failed business, job loss, or even errors or mismanagement from their financial Institutions. This is why we develop tailored solutions designed to ease your burden and bring you out of bad debt and set you on the path to growth.

Our credit repair solutions will ensure that your history is cleaned up, debt restructured for better performance where applicable and boost your score and identity in the credit marketplace.